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Monday, January 24, 2011

“Like all other scientific theories, Darwinian evolution must be continually compared with the evidence. If it does not fit the evidence, it must be reevaluated or abandoned - other wise it is not science, but myth.”
Biologist, Jonathan Wells

To embrace naturalism, one has to believe the following:
. Nothing produces everything
. Non-living, inanimate, inorganic gases evolve to produce life
. Randomness and death produces fine-tuning
. Chaos and death produces information
. Unconsciousness and death produces consciousness
. Non-reason and death produces reason

The evidence in support of these suppositions amounts to exactly zero.
Yet, the people who believe this say they believe only things for which there is evidence!

If, what atheists propose is true, then universe began with dead matter and out of that came something that thinks, feels, believes and comprehends; all that from materials that do not possess those qualities?

Materialists do not have nor will they ever have an explanation for how this happened because it is impossible; it did not happen. Nevertheless, materialists are forced to ignore this fact and press on with their absurd belief system.

They must believe this because they refuse to follow the evidence.
They must believe this because they have left themselves no other option.

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