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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

“No one has ever seen a quark, and we believe that no one ever will. They are so tightly bound to each other inside the protons and neutrons that nothing can make them break out on their own. Why, then, do I believe in these invisible quarks? In summary, it’s because quarks make sense of a lot of direct physical evidence. I wish to engage in a similar strategy with regard to the unseen reality of God. His existence makes sense of many aspects of our knowledge and experience: the order and fruitfulness of the physical world; the multilayered character of reality; the almost universal human experiences of worship and hope; the phenomenon of Jesus Christ (including His resurrection). I think that very similar thought processes are involved in both cases. I do not believe that I shift in some strange intellectual way when I move from science to religion. In their search for truth, science and faith are intellectual cousins under the skin. Religious knowledge is more demanding than scientific knowledge. While it requires scrupulous attention to matters of truth, it also calls for the response of commitment to the truth discovered”
Polkinghorne - Mathematical physicist - Cambridge

As we can see from the determined path of atheists, materialism is clung to in spite of a profound lack of evidence; atheism is clung to in spite of the fact that evidence points toward Creator God and away from naturalism.

Atheism is not a scientific stance.
Atheism is a deep and desperate philosophical and spiritual desire to ignore one’s accountability to our Creator.

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