Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven
where moth and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The work of the Gospel, the result of the Gospel, the changing power of the Gospel is supernatural.

As countless atheists have said, “I couldn’t become a Christian even if I wanted to.”

Truer words were never spoken!

The Psalmist says, “The fool says in his heart, “there is no God.””

Regardless of whether a person is dull enough intellectually to actually and literally believe that a Creator does not exist, or whether the person just wants to live as though God doesn’t exist and so says there is no God, we all began life as fools. We all lived in rebellion to the idea of being accountable to our Creator. Only by the Grace of God have some of us been called out of our foolishness.

“So you see, it does not depend on a person’s desire or effort but on the grace and mercy of God.”
Romans 9:16

“No one comes to Jesus unless God calls h/him.”
John 6:44

The death and resurrection of Jesus weren’t just historical events. The death and resurrection of Jesus made possible the release of supernatural power capable of changing human lives; capable of bringing about a new creation.

This is in fact the same power that brought the universe itself into being.

This power can take a person who worships only h/herself and turns that person into someone who honours and worships God.

This power can take someone who denies God’s existence and turns that person into someone who tells others how they too can have a healed and forgiven relationship with Jesus.

This power can take someone who is destined for a just and eternal serparation from God in hell and save that soul for eternal blessing in heaven.

“This salvation was something even the prophets wanted to know more about when they prophesied about this gracious salvation prepared for you. They wondered what time or situation the Spirit of Christ within them was talking about when He told them in advance about Christ’s suffering and His great glory afterward. They were told that their messages were not for themselves, but for you. And now this Good News has been announced to you by those who preached in the power of the Holy Spirit sent from heaven. It is all so wonderful that even the angels are eagerly watching these things happen.”
1st Peter 1:10-12.

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  1. Seems to me like you're looking for attention again. How many more posts before you begin generalizing about people you disagree with?