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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Agnostic Christian

To be an agnostic means that I recognize that there is more to reality than what I am able to know, and that if I am ever to know more, it must be by revelation or through scientific discovery. My knowledge of God can only come to me as it is revealed to me in the person of Jesus the Christ and through His Word. But that creates a problem. If you accept Jesus’ presentation of God and then look at the world as we experience it, you will find what is meant by the phrase, “The cosmic distortion of God.”
Whenever God presents Himself against the backdrop of life as we know it, especially if He presents Himself as a God of love, He appears distorted to our reason; we cannot understand Him. Atheists frequently say that God does not act the way we would expect a God of love to act.
When a man comes face to face with nature, for example, we find that God allows things in the world which themselves seem wrong to our way of thinking. We believe that God should have done things differently. Every one of us has faced this problem: If God is love, why does He allow a nature that is red in tooth and claw? Why does he allow a man to rape the child? Why does He allow an endless succession of war? If God is a God of love, why don’t things look as they should?
A Christian is of necessity an intellectual agnostic on these things. Our attitude must be, “I have reached the limit of my knowledge, and I humbly trust the revelation of God as given by Jesus the Christ.

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