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Sunday, June 24, 2012

“It Won't Rain On Me Mom”

I read in a magazine where a three-year-old wanted to go outside and play. Her mom said she couldn't because it was raining, and the little girl said, “It won't rain on me, mom.”
Isn't that ever a glimpse at human nature?
“It won't rain on me.”
“Yes he was abusive to her, but he won't be abusive to me.”
“I'll just say God doesn't exist and then He won't.”

Humans tend to follow the pattern of thought:
It won't happen
If it does happen, it won't be bad
It is does happen and its bad, it won't happen to me.
It if happens to me and it's bad there was nothing I could have don't about it anyway.

And so we come to a place where we have people saying:
I know what Jesus said about no one escaping eternal separation from God without taking up His offer of salvation, but I'm going to ignore what Jesus said and I'm sure it will all work out.
 “It won't rain on me.” 

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