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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dick Head

A client called me that once. In a story too long to tell here, this man had to be discharged from the treatment centre in which I was working. It was my job to give him the bad news. He was angry - at me. So that’s what he called me on the way out. In his mind, at that point (perhaps still) I had little or no value.
There are lots of people in the world like that. People with little or no value. Babies in the wombs of mothers who don’t want them. The poor. The mentally ill. Criminals. Certainly criminals. Read the comments about someone who has committed a crime and “Lock him up and throw away the key,” is a common sentiment. Few people see value in those who have spent their lives taking from the rest of us.
Someone exactly like that made an outlandish request. Without having darkened the door of the temple, without having done anything of value for society, a man, hanging on a cross uttered what was probably the first genuine prayer of his life when he asked Jesus, “Please let me spent eternity in Your presence.” And Jesus said, “Sure.”
Do you get this? This guy, like you and I and everyone else had nothing to offer in exchange for eternal life in paradise. All he had time for was one prayer and he used his time wisely.
“Would you let me in Jesus?”
To Jesus, you and I and everyone else have value. We have value, not because of how much we make or what we can do. Our value to God is not based on how we look or even how good we are to others. Our value to our Creator is based on the fact that He made us. He formed us. He knew us before our parents brought together their sperm and egg.
Jesus longs to spend eternity with us and the only thing that can keep that from happening is us. The only thing that can keep that from happening is our neglecting - or worse - our refusing to ask.
Don’t be a dick head.
Accept Jesus’ offer of forgiveness / salvation.

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