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Friday, June 22, 2012

Atheists Require Evidence - Not!

In the book “Trolling for Atheists” its shown that atheists are a long, long way from living out their claim that they don't believe anything unless it's supported by scientific evidence.

“Carl Sagan is said to have replied to someone pushing for an intuitive answer that Sagan wasn't prepared to give, “I prefer not to think with my gut.” Richard Dawkins says that he stands in awe at the genius of Sagan's “immortal” claim. It must not take much to impress Richard because Carl Sagan is the man who said, “The universe is all that has ever existed or will ever exist.” 

Isn't that interesting?

He tells people that he prefers to not think with his gut yet - thinking with his gut made Sagan a strong believer in the now discredited and utterly refuted Steady State model of cosmology. Sagan claimed that the universe is all that has ever existed just as though that was something more than wishful thinking, or more precisely, just as though it was something other than drawing a conclusion directly from his gut.

That doesn't seem like “immortal” thinking to me.

Sagan's comment is not unlike Dawkins who says, again just as though it's something more than speculation, 'There is life evolving right now on one billion planets.' How does he know that? Well, he says that there are 100 billion planets in our galaxy, give or take, and deftly pulling a handy equation out of a hat he says that the odds of life spontaneously appearing from non life in just so conditions is one billion to one. Ergo, one billion planets with life evolving on them – and that's just in our neighbourhood.

So how does Dawkins know those are the odds? How does he know the odds aren't 100 billion to one, or that it's simply impossible for life to arise spontaneously from non life without a Creator's help? Well, he doesn't. Richard Dawkins makes this stuff up as he goes. Actually, the scientific calculation for any planet in our galaxy having life on it is one chance in one, one thousandth of one one trillion. Science typically states that anything larger than 10^50 is impossible.

For atheists to say they don't think with their gut is a mockery of honesty. It's a characteristic that they'd like to project to the world. It's a character trait that they'd dearly love to believe is true about themselves, but it's one that is utterly and completely false.”

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