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Monday, June 4, 2012

“The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

My wife and I went to see that movie the other night. It was alright. I'd probably think it was better than alright except for one thing. The characters reminded me too much of my counselling clients. It especially reminded me of my Christian clients who are becoming all too much like my secular clients, i.e. Desperately lonely. Unlike when I first started in the counselling trade, Christians are no longer okay with themselves unless their lives are propped up by the same ephemeral supports that your average pagan or atheist depends on – in this case, being in a relationship to feel a sense of worth, value, security and belonging.
I'll obey Jesus in every area of my life – unless what He wants for me is different from what I want for me.”
That kind of tragic thinking comes about when our Creator is no longer the base from which we operate. I can't tell you how many clients have come to me with struggles like:
. “I long to be loved but I fear that I'll never find anyone. I can't wait for Jesus to do something about this. Is that so wrong? After all, we're two consenting adults.”

From Christians I hear this!

. A married man (not yet divorced) is attracted to and dating a divorced woman.

Both people self identify as Christians.

Somehow, someway, we've become as desperately lonely as those who live upon the earth.
What's happened?
How has it happened?
What is our witness to the world? And does it matter?

If I don't care about Jesus' comment, “The one who loves Me is the one who obeys Me,” things are going to get difficult. When God wants something for my life that doesn't mesh with what I want for my life, something's going to have to give. Sadly, for an increasing percentage of Christians, they are not the ones who are willing to humble themselves “under God's mighty hand.”

Modern “Christians” are a curious group who through their behaviours say, “I don't love Jesus nor am I willing to obey Him, but I fully expect to spend eternity with Him in heaven.”


  1. Christians are no longer okay with themselves unless their lives are propped up by the same ephemeral supports that your average pagan or atheist depends on

    The average Christian has always desired the same things as the average pagan or atheist. You lie to us and yourself if you think otherwise.

  2. When I make that statement, that you highlighted, I mean that there was a time when we (Christians)knew that relationships, mood altering chemicals, looks, power, position, things / stuff / possessions, intellect / education etc. couldn't deliver in providing a life worth living.

    Desired? Perhaps.
    Tempted by? Maybe.

    But my Christian clients, back then, could see the lie in what these things offered and they rejected them. There was a difference between the issues for which Christian clients came for help and those who lived a secular life-style.

    That is no longer true. The shift in this next generation of those who identify as Christians is dramatic.

    But maybe that's not what you're referring to.
    Can you give me an example of what you're thinking of?

  3. Rod is alive!! It's a miracle!

    (saw your comments on Stan's blog so I rushed back here...)

    You should have posted a comment on the last thread; how else was I suppose to learn the good news?

  4. Hi to you also WEM; long time no see...

  5. Not exactly a miracle, Hugo. More like medical science giving me the opportunity to do some writing.

    How are you? If memory serves, you and your gf were heading to San Fran for new careers? Or at least careers in a new setting?

  6. I was almost sure you had passed away, or were too weak to use a computer ever again, so, yes, it is a miracle from my perspective ;-)

    Yep your memory is good! Now in the Bay area, followed the hell-bound-hindu gf here. Everything is fine, thanks for asking!

    Take care

  7. I can't remember what you're doing there. Is it the same job - different location or did you change careers as well as move?

  8. Both actually. I first kept the same job but then found a new one; more interesting and with a salary that makes more sense here in crazy expensive San Francisco...

  9. Cool! I hope it works out for you.