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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ariel Castro Performs Abortion

Humans are a curious lot. 

We can make ourselves believe anything that we want to believe. For example:
. Atheists can make themselves believe that material things can just pop into existence without an external cause.
. Atheists can make themselves believe that matter can create itself.
. Atheists can make themselves believe that life comes from non life and that inorganic and inanimate gases evolve.
. Atheists can make themselves believe that you don't need scientific evidence to support your beliefs.

What's even more curious however is how humans can make themselves jump through mental hoops in order to justify killing millions of babies every year. Take for example the guy in the States who held three women captive for 10 years. During that time he allegedly killed at least one pre born child. He did this killing by hitting and kicking the pregnant mother until she miscarried.  

What's so strange about that?

Well, lets say that a different women is 16 months pregnant. She doesn't want to be pregnant, much less nurture and love the human being that she's created. So she hires a man to kill her pre born child. 

Is this man charged with murder? 


In fact what he does is legal. Sanctioned. In some cases he is praised for his courage and compassion.


It's not because it's the woman's decision to kill her child. It's because if it is the woman's decision to kill her child then the child is declared to not have a right to life. The pre born child is declared to not even be a human being IF the mother wants the child dead.

HOWEVER! If the mother has not asked someone to kill her child and that someone does kill the child, all of a sudden that same 16 week old child BECOMES a human being and the murderer is now charged with – well – murder.

Aren't we humans a curious lot?

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