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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jesus Scares the World

Tim Tebow was described as a divisive character because he thanked Jesus for allowing Tim to do his best in football games. Teams didn't want to take a risk on him in case – well just in case. You never know how those Christians might hurt your team. Especially when compared to:
Robert Sands – Assault
Rolando McClain – Disorderly Conduct and resisting arrest
Chris Rainy – Battery
Andre Smith – Attempting to board a plane with a hand gun
Jay Ratliff – DWI
Leroy Hill – Domestic Violence
Michael Bowley – Child Abuse
Da'Quan Bowers – Disorderly Conduct
Al Netter – DWI
Desmond Bryant – Criminal Mischief
J'Marcus Webb – Criminal possession
Javarris James – Failure to appear
Quintin Carter – Fraud
Cody Grimm – Public Drunkenness
Even Rodriguez – Resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, DWI
Trumaine Johnson – DWI
Brandon Bardon – DWI
Amari Spievey – 3rd degree assault, child endangerment, DWI
Quentin Groves – Soliciting a prostitute
William Moore – Assault
Ronnell Lewis – Disturbing the peace, Public intoxication
Cliff Harris – Possession, Domestic harassment, Failure to appear
Claude Davis – Possession
Armonty Bryant – DWI
Daryl Washington – Aggravated Assault
Titus Young – Drunk driving, burglary, resisting arrest, Assaulting a police officer
Corey McIntyre – Assaulting
Mike Goodson – Possession, handgun, hollow point bullets
Chad Johnson – Violating parole
Joe Morgan – DWI
Adam Jones – Assault
Jason Peters – Street racing
Ausar Walcott – Attempted Murder
Aaron Hernandez – First degree murder and five gun charges
Josh Brent – Intoxicated manslaughter

You see, these guys, players in the NFL who've been arrested in 2013 - so far - fit right in, but Tim, well, what are you going to do with a player that prays?

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