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Friday, June 7, 2013

I'm Done

I can't do it any more. I can't go to atheist blogs and try to reason with them.
There is no point. Five or six years ago I used to say, more in a derisive manner than anything, that atheists were dull of mind and slow of thought. I thought they simply lacked the intellectual capacity to evaluate the evidence.

I then changed to, atheists are spiritually dull of mind and slow of thought. Some of them were certainly smart enough. They simply couldn't discern spiritual matters.

Then I noticed that atheists we not so much spiritually dull of mind as thoroughly and utterly incapable of processing the evidence. In fact they were unable to recognize evidence of God's existence as evidence for God's existence. It just does not compute for them. They are spiritually blind and deaf.

Couple these things with the fact that materialism has not one shred of scientific evidence to support or explain the existence of a material universe, and one begins to see that atheism and those who adhere to it is a deliberate attempt to block out what the atheist intuitively knows to be true. The atheist brings a world-view of materialism to the evidence, and because of that, s/he couldn't draw a correct conclusion even if that person wanted to – which s/he doesn't.

So, that's it. I'm done trying to urge any particular atheist to consider God. Only their Creator can open their spiritual eyes. Only He can draw them to Jesus. Sadly, I have not seen any evidence that Creator God has any interest in drawing to Himself those who are determined to reject Him. In fact, I've seen evidence that those who are determined to reject their Creator are having their hearts hardened even further. Atheists are actively seeking and gathering around themselves, those who will convince them that Jesus is not God. They actively resisting any and all attempts to show them the offer of salvation that is right before their eyes.

I'm done. That's it.

It was fairly naive on my part to think that those who call themselves rational would think rationally, those who call themselves scientifically minded would take science seriously, and those who call themselves logical would actually follow the laws of logic. While it was not a total waste of time, it was most certainly unproductive as far as helping people turn off their self-determined path to eternal destruction.

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