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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Controlling God Makes Sense?

Though hard to believe, people – Christian people – try to do this. And they try to do this through being “good” people. I've written before about Christians who get angry at God because He doesn't fulfil His assumed obligation to “bless them” because of how good they are.

In this slightly different scenario these people try to manipulate God by saying to Him, “If you make me famous and rich and powerful, I'll use those things to minister to other people.” I've lost count of how many Christian clients have told me they want to be rich enough to have a really big house so they can hold Bible Studies there.


These people think they can use their obedience to “make” God give them what they want.

What's really sad about this is that those of us who try to control God are not only blind, but we're blind to our blindness. We're numb to the motives of our heart. We cannot see the spiritual realities that are absolutely vital if we're going to be transformed into the people God wants us to be. 

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