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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Whose Laws?

It's almost mind numbing listening to atheists as they flip aside the physical, mathematical and laws of logic. They do this just as though by our discovering them, we somehow invented them – created them even.

According to atheists, simply observing gravity means it's ours.
Learn your chemistry and presto – we don't need a Creator.

The fact that without these laws there is no chemistry is of no consequence to the atheist. Trying to understand how the fine tuning of the universe could be in place at Planck time is just a useless bit of complication.

As Richard Dawkins says, “There's no point in asking “why?”.

More than that, no one seems interested in ask Whose laws science is examining. In atheist-world, whenever asking questions leads away from a natural or material answer, the question is completely avoided. 

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