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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Atheists Save the World

Have you ever wondered about the tsunami like tide of evil that is sweeping the Globe? Are you staggered by evil's power to shred society, collapsing nations? Not a Newscast goes by without the mention of corruption. And do you notice how no race, gender or age group is exempt from the power and influence of evil? It ruins families. It destroys homes. And most of all, it causes humans to do all they can to ignore it, despite the way evil corrodes the quality of everyone's life.

On the other hand, those who refuse to call evil for what it is, have grand plans for healing society's ills. Space does not allow a full discourse of the “cures” that have so far been explored by secularists but there are a few that are worth noting. I've already mentioned the worship of science. Another of the more infamous secular efforts might include:

- We were told that the combination of wide-spread, higher education and stupendous wealth would bring us emotional health and relational well-being. 
Skyrocketing depression and rampant anxiety among the educated and wealthy have proven the lie in that claim as well. The most recent study I've seen (spring 2012) shows that the higher one's education and wealth, the deeper the person's level of dishonesty and lack of compassion for others. As well, the higher one's education and wealth, the greater the use of mood altering chemicals. 
Pagans and atheists are surprised by that. 

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