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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is it Important?

I can't imagine living without a coherent view of the universe, how it exists, how it came into existence. What we believe about any one thing has fallout or implications regarding what we believe in other areas of our lives.
The truth or error of what we believe is important. This is especially true regarding nature. Author Philip Larkin has written, “The trees are coming into leaf, like something almost being said.”
What is being said is, “Here I Am,” signed God.
To look for the cause of the universe is to look for Jesus, by whom all things were created. A wondrous reality in which we live, is that when we are exploring moral good, or the laws of logic, or the laws of mathematics or the laws of nature, when we examine a flower petal, an insect wing or the human genetic code, we are in fact exploring parts and portions of the very character of God Himself.

To revert to an atavistic denial that a Creator exists is to deny oneself a coherent view of our existence. To the degree that our view of God is distorted, to that degree will our view of ourselves be distorted. 

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