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Monday, March 14, 2011

All My Favourite People Are Broken

When I talk to atheists, it reminds me how much I love honest people; I love people who know themselves; who are honest enough to admit that they’re broken and not whole. I love to be with people who are strong enough to admit that they need help, fixing, forgiveness. I love to be with people who have said to their Creator, in the words of a Buddy and Julie Miller song, “You can have my heart, if you don’t mind broken things.” And of course He doesn’t. The whole reason that Jesus came to earth as a sacrifice for our sins is so that we could be whole again.

I think that’s why I find atheists so annoying. How can people be honest with others when they refuse to be honest with themselves? As the saying goes, and it fits perfectly with atheism, “The reason we cannot communicate effectively with others is because our lives are so full of contradictions, we can’t even communicate with ourselves.

Instead, I get to know and work with heros. Most people sit out there pretending to themselves and others that everything is ok. I get to work with those who have the courage to admit that everything isn’t ok, that they are not ok. It’s a privilege and honour to meet such people and share a flake of their lives. And that’s why I say that all my favourite people are broken.

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