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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gandolf Submits

Gandolf the atheist once wrote:

Ioreth, the wise woman of Gondor said, “The hands of the King are the hands of a healer, and so shall the rightful King be known.”

This statement puts Gandolf the atheist sooo close to the truth.

I think it was Frodo, or perhaps it was Gandolf himself who said, “We seem to have fallen into some sort of story.”

In reality, not the Lord of the Rings, but in reality, we HAVE fallen into a story - it’s told to you in the Bible. As the King says, “Walk no more in the shadows, but awake!”

The more we know about God, the more we are drawn in to the story until we recognise that we ourselves are characters in the story. In fact, as N. T. Wright says, “The more that you know the play the less you will be “playing a part” and the more you will simply be yourself.”

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