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Saturday, March 5, 2011

How Can This Be?

In the minds of atheists everybody else is stupider than they are - EVERYBODY!

. Christians? - “Thinking is anathema to Christians,” Richard Dawkins

. Writers of the Bible? - “That Bronze Age book?” Apparently, according to atheists, Truth has a best before date.

. Mary? - Mary! Why ask about Mary? Atheists don’t care about Mary.

Ah ya, actually, they do. You see it involves that whole virgin birth thing. Mocking and ridiculing anyone who believes that a virgin could become pregnant (even though it could be done today with practically no effort at all) is an absolute favourite pastime of atheists. So what’s that got to do with Mary? Well, she’s a stupid woman. A Bronze Age stupid woman. She’s so stupid she believed that a virgin could become pregnant.

Mmm, no, actually. That’s not true.

People back then may not have had as much knowledge or information as we do now but intelligence wise we’ve got nothing on them.

And atheists?

They were just as dull of mind and slow of thought back then as they are today.


She knew absolutely what could, and what could not happen. Doctors today may be able to make a virgin pregnant but back then it would have sounded like pure nonsense.

Angel Gabriel - “You are going to have a baby and you are to call Him Jesus.”
Mary - “How can this be? I’m a virgin.”

Whoa. A bronze age woman asking the same question that 21st century atheists ask?

And the answer?

Gabriel - “With God anything is possible.” The whole mathematically precise cosmos, space, time, matter, energy the laws that govern matter, all this was brought into existence by Creator God. Life and the genetic code that governs life was brought into place by Creator God. Creating life within you, Mary, is well within the powers of your Creator. He has the power to give life, to take life and to give life back again. Your Creator has the power to make you live forever. With God anything is possible.

He can even take a man who denies His existence and cause that man to worship and serve and dedicate his life to Creator God. With God anything is possible.

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