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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Ever Have Doubts?

The pre-born child (later to be known as John the Baptiser) leaped in his mother’s womb when Mary, herself pregnant with Jesus approached John’s mother, Elizabeth. There was a Spiritual connection between Prophet and Saviour of the World, even from before birth.

John grew up and became a rugged man. A man’s man. No beer drinking for him. He was a Nazarene. A religious fanatic by some people’s terms. Living off the land. Telling anyone who would listen that the Messiah is coming; in fact the Messiah is now here.

John the Baptiser, telling of miracles about to happen; Healings about to take place; Salvation for any and all who want it. And then -

John is tossed into prison. A dungeon really. Did he have hopes? Dreams? Expectations of what might come to be when the Saviour of the world, the Jewish Messiah finally arrived? Might John himself be part of this royal kingdom? Sit on a throne perhaps? Naw, he didn't need that? Thrones are for sissies . . . but . . . but this? A prison?

“How can my sitting in a dungeon be part of God’s plan? What if Jesus isn’t the Messiah?”

Have you ever thought that? Lot’s of people have. I can’t imagine it happening to me, but then again, I’ve never been where John the Baptiser has been.

And then John, said to his disciples, “Go and ask Jesus if He really is the one we’ve been waiting for.”


“Go and ask Jesus, “Was I right? Have I made a mistake? If you’re the Messiah, why am I here in prison. I was your runner! I came in the very spirit of Elijah! There’s been no one quite like me. Do I have a place in Your kingdom - if - that is - if you really are Messiah?””

Have you ever asked?

If your real, Jesus, why have I lost my job?

Why am I sick? Why don’t you heal today like you used to?

If you’re a God of love, why did my child die?

Why did I have to experience years of sexual abuse?

If you’re real, God, why all the physical pain and suffering?

John asked. And John didn’t even know at that point that he was about to have his head cut off.

Have you ever had doubts about Jesus?


  1. Sure. Though Jesus has been faithful to me, there have been times that I have doubted. I am convinced that the Gospels are true and He is who He says He is, that He died for my sins, rose from the dead, and is working in me and through me by His Holy Spirit. But like anyone else made of flesh, I doubt... when the trials are a little too hard and a little too long... when I struggle with things in the Scriptures that I don't understand because I do not correctly handle the Word of truth... when I have trouble reconciling things in the Old Testament with the teachings of Jesus, who is the image of the invisible God and is the same yesterday today and forever... when I see inexplicable suffering and evil in the world and I cling to the twin truths that God is Sovereign and God is good, but still shaking my head and wondering...

    And yet, there is much more to convince me that Jesus is He he says He is than there is which would cause me to doubt, not the least of which is His Spirit, Who always brings me back to Him. I am encouraged by the fact that, when I doubt, instead of running from Him and His Word, I find myself looking into His Word with the hope of finding truth and being convinced again; I find myself saying, "Lord, to whom else shall I go? Only you have the Words of eternal life." And in the end I experience anew that "if we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself."

  2. Hello my friend - Good, good theology!

    One of the greatest gifts that I’ve ever been given, next to salvation, is the gift of faith, of belief, of trust in Creator God.

    A couple years ago I read a book on prayer, by Philip Yancey (I think I’ve read all his books). And in the book Philip says something like, “Everyone,from time to time, has lain in bed and wondered if their words of prayer rose up, hit the ceiling and slid down the walls to the floor.”

    Until that point I had NEVER thought that. Thirty one years ago Jesus came into my life. He gave me the gift of faith and from that point forward I have never, ever, had any serious doubts.

    Of course I’ve wondered about the same things that you’ve described, but never in a doubting way. I've always assumed that one day, either here or There, it will make sense, as have so many things over the years that I first did not understand but now I do.

    Anyhow, good to hear from you again.

    God bless. See you there!