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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Jews like Jesus"

In light of my post on Donald Trump, I'd like to highlight a way of living that is in direct contrast to Trump.

“They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore”

That’s a line in a song that was written by a guy called Kinky Friedman. Friedman ran for Governor of Texas a few years back. His slogan was,
“Governor? How hard can it be?”

The point of this post is, not only are they not making Jews like Jesus anymore. They ain’t making anybody like Jesus then, now or at any time in the future. If we can go by the Gospels, and I believe we can, then Jesus was a truly unique human being who invites us to become part of the advance Kingdom of God that He brought deep into enemy territory on planet earth.

The way that Jesus acted and interacted in His relationships was totally other. So unlike human nature as we know it, His closest followers were barely able to grasp what it was that Jesus was trying to teach. Of course, they weren’t the brightest bunch of guys, but even the most educated completely misunderstood what they were seeing. Much like most people today.

What Jesus was teaching seemed to have something to do with a Kingdom of God that was coming at some point in the future, yet at the same time, according to Jesus, this Kingdom was also already here. It is a Kingdom, Jesus said, that is all around us and could even be within us. And while this Kingdom is not based on rules, it comes with a set of behaviours and attitudes that can be clearly seen in those who are part of this Kingdom; those who have this Kingdom within them.

For example:
Generosity and forgiveness - especially towards ones enemies.

Another characteristic is an almost emptying of one’s self and a steady focus on putting others first in importance.

An unforced humility, patience and faithfulness.

To the Greeks of the time, as is true even today, these traits were seen as signs of weakness and not useful to a utilitarian form of thought.

These traits, known to be part of God’s Kingdom, where these thoughts are done on earth as they are in heaven - are traits expected of heaven’s citizens.

Those who exude these traits are as enigmatic and incomprehensible to the neighbour’s of Kingdom dwellers today as they were to those who observed Jesus when He dwelt among us.

No, they sure ain’t making Jews like Jesus, anymore.

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