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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says that people become Christians only because they grew up in homes where Christianity was the norm.

These people forget:
Christianity began in a culture where no Christian homes existed and where people were tortured and killed for being Christians. Nevertheless, after the first gospel message was preached, 3,000 people gave their lives to the risen Christ.

These people forget:
The greatest growth, today, is in cultures where Christianity is not the norm. The newest Christian converts today have not come from Christian homes and where again, job loss, imprisonment and death are not unusual for becoming a Christian.

People in this 1.6% of the population say, on the one hand that people become Christians because they’ve adopted the beliefs of their parents, not because of the truth of these beliefs.

These people also say that those who grew up in Christian families are rejecting those beliefs in larger and larger numbers, all the way up to 1.6%.

These people have to maintain this implausible and contradictory position or their belief system will collapse.

This is what they’re like. This is how they think.


  1. Anybody that seriously believes that radical Muslims are almost exactly like atheists, knows absolutely nothing about atheists. You should probably stop talking as if you have any idea about what your talking about. Maybe it's time you leave the "1.6%" to the 1.6%.

  2. And kudos on completely avoiding the entirety of the last "argument". You did a good job at not addressing ANY of my questions or points, despite the fact that you even think you understand "the secret of freewill". One would think that such an authority on freewill, might actually have something to say about it. Perhaps sounding like your completely stupid is merely a side effect of your advanced genius mind. You need not explain flaws from the logic of those beneath you, rather just declaring that logic retarded, without counter-retort is sufficient, given your obvious superiority over those you just so happen to be an authority on.

    If only I wasn't so dull if mind...