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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says that it’s possible to call themselves scientifically minded while maintaining that it’s absolutely impossible that any intelligence of any kind existed prior to biological life on earth?

That’s what these people are like. It’s how they think.


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  7. It's how they think.

    but how did you... ? Guys, be careful, mak is on to us! Our secrets are out!

  8. ...while maintaining that it’s absolutely impossible that...

    I want to comment only on that particular part, because it shows a great difference between the minds of theists and atheists.

    From my point of view, there is very vew things, if not nothing, which is 'absolutely impossible', as long as it's not contradicting logic.

    Theists on the other hand, believe in various 'absolutes', so it's just normal for them to make claim that that's with 'it's absolutely impossible that...' or the opposite, 'it's absolutely true that'.

    Having that in mind, which one is more realistic:
    - A theist claiming that it's IMPOSSIBLE for life to emerge from non-living material
    - An atheist claiming that it's IMPOSSIBLE for intelligence to have existed prior to humans

    I am not asking which one is correct, I am asking, which one is more likely to happen?

    Obviously, the answer is that it's more likely that the theist example will be encountered; and of course the example I picked comes from this blog...

    What about the other example, that also come from this blog; did it take place as well?

    No... because no one, at least here, and at least not me at all, claim that it's impossible for intelligence to have emerged before humans.

    I am really picky on the words here today because it's obvious that discussing ideas is more or less pointless, as they are almost always misrepresented. This blog post being yet another example...

    I repeat to make it more clearly:

    - I claim that it's possible for life to have emerge from non-life, using simple building blocks that are found in nature.

    - You claim that it's impossible.
    You conclude that I claim that it's impossible that intelligence existed prior to humans.

    It's ridiculous. How can you then say 'this is how they think' when you clearly misrepresent the position?

    I am still wondering if you're just bad at reading/understanding my ideas (and others'), or purposely misrepresenting them in order to insult me (and others).

  9. You know what Hugo? Your right about the absolutes. In fact, it's something I noticed when going through atheist/theist debates. I started writing down any instance when any of the debaters would describe something as absolute like, "the greatest mathematician of all time" or "the greatest" whatever else.

    So many theistic ideas are absolutes. Like objective morality. Which is basically the unrealistic expectation that a set of moral rules can work under absolutely every scenario, no matter what. My dad, before he became an atheist, used to tell me, "the world is black and white, there are no in-betweens."

    but philosophically, we get nonsensical results from ideas of absolutes. Like infinite power, which mak and other theists cannot seem to understand. In Christianity there is either heaven or hell. Talk about absolutes. Good and bad, god and Satan, sinner and saint, absolutes come all too natural to the theist.

  10. Thesauros, who says no intelligence existed prior to biological life on Earth?

    As far as I can remember, you're the only person who's done so.

    PS. yes, only theists insist that absolutes can/do/must exist in order for our world to be intelligible. They've failed, utterly, to provide any support for this, however.

    PPS. DM, crawl back in your hole, you fruitloop...

  11. DM said...
    ATHEISTNACKBAR you are going to be EXECUTED...fucker...

    May 19, 2010 8:04 AM

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