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Saturday, May 29, 2010

My 5-Year-Old Tops Barney

The Setting: I’ve just gotten out of the shower. My 5-year-old is lying on my bed watching the kid’s show “Barney the purple Dinosaur.”

I hear Barney say, “And remember, I love you.”

She must have thought about this on previous occasions because without a second’s hesitation my little girl says to Barney, “But you don’t even know me!”


A little kid with a discernment regarding love that eludes many adults. It’s certainly a maturity of understanding regarding love that the creators of Barney don’t have.

Real love is not a feeling.
Real love is a choice.
Real love is a choice based on knowledge.

For example, my wife knows the absolute worst about me and has still chosen to treat me with love.

Knowing the absolute worst about YOU, God has chosen to love you so much that He died for you so that you might live forever in eternal paradise with Him.

My 5-year-old understands love.

Do you?

P.S. For what it’s worth, this is the same kid that when she was just barely three, I’d just put her down for a nap. As I was closing the door to the room I heard her say to no one in particular “God loves me, Jesus loves me, mommy loves me, daddy loves me. EDDY BUDDY LOVES ME!”


  1. I think kids are wonderful.They always make me tend to want to smile and remember my own youth, sometimes even when they is a little naughty.Mind you my own kids have grown up, so i can smile easy, when its other folks kids thats testing the limits a little. :)

    Hoorah ! for Kids

    This world just wouldnt be quite the same without em. As you get older their voices is lots like music

  2. How was god's death a sacrifice, when he's going to be spending no less than an eternity in paradise?

  3. One of the folks who occasionally posts to our forums put it this way:

    Jesus had a bad weekend for your sins...