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Monday, May 24, 2010

Tel Magiddo

Yesterday I did a post about Har Magiddo. Jesus grew up at the place that is proverbial for the battle between good and evil.

Tel Magiddo - down, down and down archaeologists have dug until they found this.

“They have built the high places of Topheth in the Valley of Ben Hinnom to burn their sons and daughters in the fire.” Jeremiah 7

“The people of Israel have provoked Me by all the evil they have done. They set up their abominable idols in the house that bears My name. They built high places for Baal in the Valley of Hinnom to sacrifice their sons and daughters.” Jeremiah 32

“You took your sons and daughters whom you bore to Me and sacrificed them to idols.” Ezek. 16

Tel Magiddo - Har Magiddo - Armageddon - The Battle between good and evil.

People - very spiritual people worshipped the fertility god Baal and his wife Ashera. In the spring these people would gather at the high places where the priests and priestesses of these gods would go onto the high place or alter. There they would have ceremonial sex in full view of the worshippers gathered. They would do this in an attempt to induce Baal and Ashera to also have sex and bring about fertility for the people’s crops. After the priest and priestess had done their thing, people would bring their infant children. On the alter was an oven in the shape of the idol Baal. The idol and his outstretched arms were heated red hot. After having engaged in sexual intercourse before the people, the priest and priestess would take these infants and place them - alive - on / in this red hot oven to be sacrificed. When the children had been burned alive, the male worshippers would engage in sex with the temple prostitutes. These prostitutes, at one point, numbered ten thousand.

Har Magiddo - The site of the battle between good and evil. A place where life and sexuality were both defiled.

Har Magiddo - The site where people sacrificed the lives of their children in the pursuit of financial gain and ease of living.

Har Magiddo - A place where a burial ground covering an area of 60,000 square feet, filled to the brim with the burned remains of children - children sacrificed to the god of financial wealth.

Har Magiddo - The site of unspeakable evil hidden under the Tel or Hill over which many generations have built and rebuilt, each generation as corrupt as the one before.

Tel Magiddo - What’s buried in your heart? Are your children sacrificed for the pursuit of wealth?


  1. This post proves how very heartless and dangerous superstitious faith can be.It proves how very sad it was that early man didnt yet understand weather patterns surrounding them that were connected to droughts or floods which effected the crops,neither does it seem they "fully understood" about how leaching and overcropping etc effects land fertility.

    With these early humans its so sad to see how much faith ruled their thoughts and their whole world,that they obviously thought Gods were involved in all matters of fertility.

    These early people were maybe more ignorant! rather than being blatantly evil and nasty killers who enjoyed murder of children.These early people were likely not the first people to have a barbaric type faith in in these faith practices of sacrifice and ritual.These people were most likely simply still very ignorant and uneducated, about many matters they had no other proper way to yet to understand.

    These early barbarian attitudes are kind of comparable to the ignorant uneducated suggestion of stoning folks to slow deaths and even thoughts of smashing enemies childrens heads against rocks.

    Tel Magiddo - down, down and down archaeologists have dug until they found this place.A place that records some very sad ugly passed history.At a time when thankfully much change finally started to happen as people learned, and people like Jesus started to realize many old faiths and practices had absolutely no good benefit! and were surely very wrong!.

  2. The ignorance of faith still has a nasty bad effect on some faithful people today Mak .Some little kids in places like Africa still get accused and killed having being faithfully convicted as witches ...Even by family members!

    Today the ignorance of faith still has a nasty bad effect on many fundamentlist faithful folk,who will separate exccommunicate and totally disown their family members and/or their own children they faithfully believe to be evil.....Mak ..Many of these fundamentalist faithful folk dont even let "utter sadness" or even family "sucide!" have any effect on their faithfulness to continuing beliefs of God .

    Mak we really dont need any archaeologists, to still be easily able to know how very dangerous! and ugly! and nasty! and completely heartless! faith can be.

    It still happens often

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  4. Those poor kids in Africa ...Some have ((acid)) poured on their little faces Mak.

    Faithfulness is so very dangerous and ignorantly heartless ..Even their own parents by their faithfulness, are convinced there is a need to do such nasty things ...To drive out devils and spirits of witches

  5. Humans, Gandolf, humans are dangerous and ignorant because of human nature. Whether it's faith or the absence of faith or something in between, human nature, the thing from which Jesus came to save us, looks for a reason to steal kill and destroy.

    If you think that potential doesn't reside within you . . .