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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Har Magiddo

Does that name mean anything to you?

It doesn’t?

Isn’t that odd.

Seriously, it’s where Jesus grew up.

So what?

Well Har Magiddo means The Hill Magiddo, or Mount Magiddo.

Still nothing?

The hill Magiddo overlooks the plain, the passage way, the main route through from Assyria to Egypt. It’s said that more battles have taken place on this plain than anywhere else in the world.

The country that controls that route has historically controlled the world.

Har Magiddo.



How about Armageddon? It's Greek for Har Magiddo.

Ok. So now we’re getting somewhere.

Jesus grew up at Har Magiddo
Jesus grew up where the final battle between good and evil is said to take place.

The battle between good and evil.


That’s where He grew up.

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