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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says that the Bible can’t be trusted in what it says.

Example: A common comment by this group is, “The Old Testament has been rewritten so many times that it’s full of copyist errors.”

That was a comment that couldn't be challenged until hundreds of scrolls were found at Qumran in Palestine. They included copies of Old Testament books, in fact all but Ester, and those copies - a thousand years older than what was available at the time - “were virtually identical” to the copies that people were reading at home.

Even though these people say that without observation and verification nothing can be believed, this 1.6% of the population still maintains their implausible position that the documents can’t be trusted. Not because of the evidence but in spite of the evidence. They must do this or their world-view will collapse.

This is what they’re like. This is how they think.

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