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Sunday, May 2, 2010

They Skipped Sex

I think it was on the Onion that a headline read: “Couple Skips Sex And Goes Straight To Emotional Interaction,” or something like that.

There’s a story in the Bible where the same thing happened. A woman who had seen more than her share of rejection was on her way to get water. Quite possibly sexually abused as a child, this woman seemed driven to “look for love in all the wrong places.” Like homosexuals, her emotional needs had become sexualised. She was willing to let others use her so she could pretend to be loved. Rejected by five husbands and who knows how many one nighters, living common law with her current man, this person couldn’t even bring herself to go to the well in the morning with the rest of the women. The gossip was too intense. The judging merciless. So around noon, this woman, an outcast, a Samaritan no less, lifted her heavy jug and set out for the hot dusty walk to the well.

As she approached, she could see a Man sitting on the ground, by Himself. Habitual thoughts stirred within. Was that excitement or fear that she felt? Ah, it would never work. He was obviously a Jew. He wouldn’t have anything to do with her. And yet, here He was, deep in Samaritan territory - no small curiosity, that. She was busy sizing Him up when He turned His head and looked her straight in the eye. Why can we never look away fast enough? Yet, look away she did. And then He asked her for a drink. Talk about bold. She knew where this conversation was going. Oh, right, and here comes the bragging. He’s got water whereby I’ll never thirst again. Why must men do this? Do they really think that women are impressed by, much less believe men’s ridiculous stories? And then the whopper. “Girl, if you only knew Who you’re talking to.”

At that point her world change - literally forever. The conversation really didn’t go where she thought it would. This Man seemed to be interested in her - her! He didn’t want to use her body. He wanted to get to know her. More than that, it seemed as though He ALREADY knew her. He knew her past. He knew her thoughts, motives, intentions. A spiritual hunger like she’d never known before rose within her. A longing combined with a newly minted peace rested on her soul.

And then like every person who has ever come into genuine contact with the Lover of their souls, the Samaritan woman left her burden at the feet of Jesus and ran to tell others about Him.

Here was someone who knew her better than she knew herself and rather than condemn her, rather than abuse her and judge her, rather than use her and cast her aside like so many before Him had done, Jesus loved her. He accepted her. He welcomed Her.

Many people mistake sex for emotional interaction. Jesus skipped sex and moved directly to an intimate, healed and forgiven relationship with the Samaritan woman. He’ll do the same for you, if you’ll let Him.

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