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Friday, May 28, 2010

Atheists Killing Christians

Catchy title, don’t you think?

Killing Christians has always been a popular atheist past-time - 100 million in the 20th century alone. This story however falls more along the lines of, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," Regarding Christianity, atheists and Muslims are much closer in ideology that either of them would like to admit.

Atheists across America and on FaceBook have called for the drawing of Mohammad - especially on the ground as that is particularly offensive to Muslims.

Good atheists love to be as offensive as possible. They call it comedy.

Anyhow, this action of atheists in North America is resulting in the death of Christians in India.


Because Muslims in India see anything that takes place in North America (apparently even if it’s done by atheists who share with Muslims a virulent hatred of Christians) as taking place in a Christian nation.

For atheists, this is the best of both worlds. Christians get eliminated and someone else takes the heat.


  1. Let me get this straight... if people draw a pictures... and a bunch of crazy people get upset and kill people...

    You blame the woman in rape cases, don't you?

  2. Relax and take your meds.

  3. Banner unfurled! 100 million dead!

  4. I agree. That is a catchy title. "Catchy" as in tricky or deceptive. Do you have any links to articles about anybody killing Christians since Draw Muhammad Day?

  5. Let me get this straight:
    Islamists put on banner that say:
    “Jews, Christians and Marzai (Ahmadis) are enemies of Islam,”
    and it is the atheists fault?

  6. And this:
    "Killing Christians has always been a popular atheist past-time"

    Popular pass-time?

  7. This post displays just how detached from reality mak is.

  8. Why are you so hateful toward atheists, Mak?

  9. @Whateverman

    Of course he is never going to answer your questions, because it is quite obvious now that the guy suffers from a slight version of what we call 'Mind blindness'.

    It means that he is not able to understand the way other people think, not completely of course, he is not as bad as an autistic, but he definitely suffers from a light form of it.

    You, and I before you, pointed out many many times that the way he presents his opponents' argument is incorrect, that it is a 'misrepresentation', but he simply cannot grasp that, and he seems sincere.

    I never mentioned it straight to him because I thought it was kind of mean to point out a mental illness straight to someone's face...

    Recently I realized that it's even a bit worse than I thought though, because it's not only atheists that he does not understand, it's literaly anybody who is not a Christian; the people he call 'functional Atheists'.

    Actually, I am pretty sure that even many many Christians are 'functional Atheists' according to him. In a way, it's quite ironic, because his 1.6% is actually closer to the number of people who actually agree with him than the % who disagree with him...

    Because of that, I am pretty sure that it's true that he is not hateful toward atheists, he is just freaking arrogant and thinks that he is right, and we are all wrong. We all saw the same evidence, concluded the same thing, but decided otherwise.

    He is not able to grasp the idea that we do not see things the same way, do not reason the same way, do not feel the same, or do feel the same but interpret these feelings differently...

    That's a bit off but I would also be tempted to claim that, since he currently lives in a rural region of Canada, he is almost never exposed to people of other culture, thus preventing him from expanding his Theory of Minds by learning how people with different background think.

  10. I dont see that its any blatant type of hate anyway with Mak.If anything id say being exposed only to a certain type of propaganda can turn folks extremely against certain groups of people.

    Mak what about the possibility that some Muslims could be working towards poisoning the minds of other Muslims against Christians anyway.Think about possibility of this angle for a moment, the U.S.A is seen predominantly as being a Christian Nation. The U.S.A is at war with the Taliban and a majority of the Taliban sees Christianity as being right behind this action being taken.

    Why else would it make much sense that Muslims would simply turn to killing Christians for the actions of atheists?.

    Now im not saying that the drawing of Mohammad, was helpful or even the right action to take,specially considdering the wars that are already raging.Im just saying this problem must surely be far more complex than atheists action made Muslims want to kill Christians.

    Mak i think you would need to be a little dishonest to not atleast admit matters of faith of both Islam and Christians have always been active, and havent always helped with formation of peace either

    Muslims have already killed Christian in places like India quite a while back and well before this drawing of Mohammad took place.