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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good Without God

That was a portion of the title of an atheist book. The obvious question becomes, if you CAN be good without God, then why aren’t you?

Of course, from a Christian perspective, from an eternal perspective, the question is not one of goodness but of being forgiven. Nevertheless, the most recent example that atheists can't be good is 10's of thousands of them drawing pictures of Mohammed, on the ground no less on Draw Mo Day.

Now, I’m no fan of Islam, it’s about on par with atheism for the value it holds for humans. On the other hand, to deliberately provoke a couple billion people by placing their most revered symbol, ON THE GROUND, which in their belief system is the greatest affront possible is a long, long way from good.

The fact is, atheists don’t even live up to their own moral standards. They find themselves telling “big” lies when they told themselves that only “little” lies were ok. They find themselves flat out fantasising about someone else’s spouse when they’d told themselves only a little lust was fine.

In order to see themselves as good, atheists move the goal posts and "Ta Da! I'm a good person."

The definition of whatever behaviour or thought they can’t say no to, is simply changed from bad to good. Porn is good, lust is good, objectifying women while jerking off is good. "Since that stuff is no longer wrong, I'm now a good person."

A second step in order to see themselves as good is either to flat out lie to themselves or “comparing down.” Atheists compare down to those who do worse things than they do. This is of course just a different form of lying to self. Yet this is the standard for those who say they don’t need God in order to be good. "See, I'm not as bad as he is, therefore I'm a good person."

One of the things that appealed to me most about Christianity was that it completely does away with this delusion of goodness. “No one is good. All have sinned and fall short of God’s standard for us."

Atheists, as a group, as no worse than anyone else. But neither are they any better. Their belief that they are morally and intellectually superior to others is proof that they cannot be good, with or without God.


  1. Your an idiot.

    First off, stop acting like your not a complete biggot towards Islam. I could find numerous examples of hatred filled text within this and your other blog. You are seriously full of shit. Furthermore, the atheist movement was a "standing up" against Islamic bullying. Islam has no problem finding things to kill over whether or not a cartoon is drawn. And that's the point. If Christians stood up to Islam you would obviously see the point of the event, but since your an old biggot too set in his ways to see past his own christian self riteousness, you make childish mistakes like this.

  2. Mak, Christian belief doesnt help matters anymore than the belief of some atheists that non belief can somehow automatically make somebody smarter.The fact that some atheists think this way helps prove intelligence isnt connected to our beliefs.We find real intelligence is connected to depth of thought and not involved in biases etc.There are folks who have completed university who happen to have become so intelligently smart, they also can become so very stupidly dumb! about some very simple matters.I happen to have a lawyer brother like this,yes he`s smart specially at arguing the colour black is grey,but when it comes to matters of needing to use some simple common sense ....He often becomes a real bozo!....Does dumb shit!! that he later (quietly) ends up kicking himself for doing .Which aint so smart really,when its obviously already too late

    So some people can be very educated and intelligently smart in the university sense,yet still often be thick as pig sh*t

    There are some thick atheists, thick Christians,thick Hindu`s and some thick Islamists etc etc etc.

    Dont let yourself think the christian belief in itself, counts for any special intelligence.Need i remind you of the silly popes who tried coving up sexual abuse?...Need i remind you of all the stupid idiots who follow Benny Hinn?.Need i remind of the many christian idiots who waste their peoples whole lives! on this earth, over faith and stupidity of matters of separation and excommunication?.....There is plenty of them out there Mak,and you know it when being completely honest

    If you think intelligence is actually connected to any special belief,you only suggest yourself as maybe lacking in some honest intelligence.

    You cannot suggest christianity is any more helpful,when even after christian belief one tends to start to dislike another simply because of possessing differences of belief.That cannot be so smart can it? ...Its like totally dislikeing all people who light fires,simply because you yourself happen to believe in global warming.

    Yes some humans are bad,its connected to them being a bad humans ...Not to any special belief or because of devilish evil spirits.

    It devils spirits were the problem,then we might see that the christian,islamic,hindu,atheist belief or lack of belief might show itself to be a special type of cure ....But it dont happen!..No we dont see the evidence match the outcome! when use of some scientific type method is applied ....All we see that it produces is another form of ignorance and bigotry.

    Humans should stand up against all forms of bigotry.And learn to accept they are humans

  3. they tried to BULLDOZE the entire METAPHYSICAL DIMENSION...

    they LOST THE WAR...

    we're gonna smash that TV...

    you have FORFEIT YOUR SOUL, shermer... you have become an object in the material world, as you WISHED...

    They had become ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE AND OF GOD...

    you pushed too much and *CROSSED THE LINE*

    degenerates (PZ) or children (HEMANT) - ATHEISTS!

    do you have anything to say, you STUPID LITTLE F*CKER?

    Now let's listen to this *GENIUS*

    how about I tell you, Mr. Shermer, EVERYTHING YOU THINK ABOUT THE WORLD is





    you are going to learn even to TALK about GOD the way you do is going to cost

    you your lives...

    the writing on the wall...

    f*ck you very much!

    THE BOOBQUAKE - 911!


  4. "On the other hand, to deliberately provoke a couple billion people by placing their most revered symbol, ON THE GROUND, which in their belief system is the greatest affront possible is a long, long way from good."

    Not something id bother getting involved myself either.

    I do understand the reason is folk want to show, we will no longer allow faiths to simply rule and control us and bully us if we dont agree.I get that bit,and agree with it.

    But my personal opinion and reason i personally wouldnt get involved in this ..Is mostly because specially at present we need the average Muslim people to start to realize we from elswhere are not personally against them for being Muslims .I dont see much good coming from inflaming a people who so happens are a very passionate type people, and caught up in a terrible situation! at present where the faithful zealots of their country many being Teliban, might try to use this to turn many more of them towards becoming human bombs.

    All i suggest is to me at the present moment in time, with the special situations at hand that we face,to me personally, it doesnt really seem so very wise.

    Overall my overiding purpose that im atheist/agnostic for reasons of hope of more future peace and harmony amongst all humanity.