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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says that the Bible can’t be trusted in what it says.

Example: Atheists used to say that the aqueduct said to be built by Hezekiahs in the book of Chronicles could not have been built by such a primitive people.

Why would they say this? According to atheists, if any historical document has been included into the Bible it should automatically be considered a lie or legend or myth.

This argument cannot be used against the Bible today because the watercourse has been discovered. An Arab boy accidentally fell into the Pool of Siloam and discovered the underwater opening of the tunnel. Just as the new London Bridge has a commemorative plaque marking its official opening, so too a plaque had been placed on the wall of the tunnel. This inscription is written in the old Hebrew script of the time of Hezekiah and part of the tablet, which is now in the Istanbul Museum, reads as follows:

'Now this is the history of the excavations. While the excavators were still lifting up the pick, each towards his neighbour, and while there were yet three cubits to excavate, there was heard the voice of one man calling to his neighbour: for there was an excess of rock on the right hand. And when on the day of excavations the excavators had struck pick against pick, one against another, the waters floweth from the spring to the Pool, a distance of 1,200 cubits. One hundred cubits was the height of the rock above the head of the miners'.

'a narrow passage about two feet wide and barely 5 feet high...cut through limestone. It can only be negotiated with rubber boots and a slight stoop. Water knee-deep rushes to meet you. For about 500 yards the passage winds imperceptibly uphill. It ends at the Virgin's Fountain, Jerusalem's water supply since ancient times. In Biblical days it was called the Fountain of Gihon.'

Will this and several dozen similar examples put an end to these people’s claim that the Bible can’t be trusted? Of course not. This 1.6% of the population still maintains their implausible position, not because of the evidence but in spite of the evidence. They must do this or their world-view will collapse.

This is what these people are like. It’s how they think.


  1. 76% of North America lies about their world view.

    They point to the consistency and inerrancy of the literal Bible while ignoring the hundreds of Christian sects and patently false scriptural claims the universe revolving around the Earth.

    They're are so threatened by the power of logic and reason that they demonize anyone who points out the inconsistencies between what Christians claim to believe and what's actually written in the Bible. This results in claims of anything that doesn't proudly wear the Christian label as being atheist.

    This is what these people are like. It’s how they think.

    PS. let me know when you get tired of the intellectual masturbation, Makarios.

  2. Some people think that because parts of a book are proven to be historically accurate, all of its claims about divine miracles, gods' interventions, supernatural events, etc... must also be true.

    On the other hand, when it becomes obvious that some parts of the so called holy book must have been imaginary, they simply claim that it was symbolic litterature.

    They must do this or their world-view will collapse.

    This is what these people are like. It’s how they think.

  3. Maybe many folks cant really believe that maybe man actually had anything to do with the building of stonehenge either .If they do prove they did, does this then automatically prove the druids faith should be worshiped also Mak ?