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Saturday, June 5, 2010

There’s No Way Out 2

When it comes to our sin nature - the cure for our sin nature - the consequence of our sin nature, Jesus is the only way out. There is no medicine for it. There’s no magical cure or degree of effort to resolve the issue. You cannot say, “Cheer up, look on the bright side.”

There is no bright side. Virtually every news item, from the Gulf oil spill to religious violence, to depleted pension funds to Priests violating young boys involves human corruption. Our corrupt self-love invades and permeates every aspect of our culture, of our lives. Corrupt human nature is destroying our families, our countries, the very planet upon which we live.

There is only one cure and that is Jesus Himself.

Through Jesus’ redemption the path back to yesterday’s wrong doing is dealt with once and for all. Jesus steps into the mistakes and hurts and messy places of our past and brings us into a healed and forgiven relationship with God.

Will the planet be saved? No. The ball is rolling and nothing will stop the destruction until Jesus comes again to set things right, to banish evil from the universe once and for all time.

However, until then - When we are struck by the depth of our depravity and turn deliberately to God as He is manifested in Jesus, we will find Him to be the answer to our problem of real guilt.

We will find Jesus to be our only way out. We will find Jesus to be the shelter from the storm.

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