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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says that the Bible can’t be trusted in what it says.

Example: Atheists used to say that because the Bible was the only place that mentioned the Assyrian Monarch Sennacherib and his battle against Judah and Israel, these events never took place. Sennacherib, according to atheists was just one of the “non-historical kings” mentioned in the Bible.

Why would they say that? Well, according to atheists, if any historical document has been included into the Bible it should automatically be considered a lie or legend or myth.

Then three accounts were discovered that were written by the Assyrian Monarch himself of his campaign against Israel and Judah. The most famous is the six-sided prism known as the Taylor Prism. Sennacherib described in detail how he came against the cities of Israel and then Judah, and 'Hezekiah himself I shut up in Jerusalem his capital city like a bird in a cage.'

Once again the atheists have been proven wrong and the Bible has been proven correct.

Will this and several dozen similar examples put an end to these people’s claim that the Bible can’t be trusted? Of course not. This 1.6% of the population still maintains their implausible position, not because of the evidence but in spite of the evidence. They must do this or their world-view will collapse.

This is what these people are like. It’s how they think.

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