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Monday, October 11, 2010

All You’ve Done Is . . .

Whenever I’ve spoken with atheists about the fact that there is no natural explanation for the origin of the universe (nor will there be one coming at some point in the future), whether it takes a week or a month, eventually and consistently it comes to a point where I hear, “Well, all you’ve done,” in the words of Richard Dawkins, “is make a pretty good case for the existence of a Deistic God.”

That’s all! That’s ALL!

If a Creator God exists, does it make sense to anyone but atheists to acknowledge that reality and then ask, “So where do you want to eat?”


  1. Just because YOU don't have (or choose to ignore) explanations for this universe doesn't mean it was created by magic.

  2. "a serious case could be made for a deistic god" (but due to its flaws, he couldn't accept it).

    I think he may have meant that they weren't being funny on purpose. Just a guess.

  3. Rather than asking about where to eat, my next question after acknowledging a pretty good case for (or even the existence of) a Deistic God, is, "Ok, now what should I do as a result of God creating the universe, and why?" I'll even give God credit for abiogenesis, but any claim to know what God currently wants or what God has done since humans evolved is going to need some evidence beyond what can be found in any of the allegedly divinely inspired holy texts that exist.

  4. Brap Gronk, you need faith in Jesus!

    Believe He is God, than you can conclude that the Deistic God is the same!

    It's that simple! You now have the answers to ALL important questions regarding the universe, life origin, and what happens when we die!

    ... oh and just make sure you deny fags equal rights so that they kill themselves in shame, prevent abortions from being freely available so that women die from trying to do it themselves, and go give a few bucks to your local church so that Jesus loves you in return.

  5. Hey BG - I just visited your blog for the first time. I always felt your comments were more - um - balanced and rational than other atheists commenting here but - well - good on you. When you say that you need more than "holy texts," does that mean they should be ignored? Or just that they aren't enough to know what God wants.

    I think I've given you a list of "commands" from the New Testament but have you checked out


    I'm not sure what more could be lacking in the only Book that claims to reveal what our Creator wants from us.