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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yes they do / No they don’t

You know how, when someone says that violence or gratuitous sexuality in movies promotes or leads to violence or unhealthy sex in real life, there comes outrage and mockery at those who could voice something so foolish?

“Movies are just entertainment.”

“Just because someone watches a murder doesn’t mean people are going to go out and kill other people.”

“You think because someone watches casual sex they won’t respect marriage? Don’t be ridiculous.”

And then comes, “Electric cars are gay.”

'scuze me while the switch is flipped.
“Homosexuals pay a price for the attitudes portrayed in the movies.”

“How can you not know that movies shape our attitudes?”

“We take our cues about how to treat others by what we watch in the movies.”

“Real life follows what we see in the movies.”

Such is the schizoid secular pattern of lying.

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