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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

“Impure and Immoral”

Some head priest in the Mormon Church, Boyd K. Packer, gave a speech in which he said that homosexuals should not be allow to be married.

The uproar that ensued included this statement, “He is telling a group of young people that who they are is impure and immoral.”

Taken at face value this does sound like an awful thing. And it sounds awful right up until one realises that all of us, ALL of us ARE impure and immoral. That IS who we are. Sexual impurity is just one of the many ways our sin nature manifests itself. That is why Jesus came to earth - to save us from our impossibly impure and immoral selves.

It isn't just homosexuals but all of us. I mean, have you never paid attention to your thoughts? Have you never allowed yourself to contemplate your motives? Who we are at a fundamental level is wrong - PERIOD! Like C. S. Lewis said, "No one knows how bad they are until they've tried really hard to be good. A good person knows something of the evil still left in him while a thoroughly bad person thinks that he is good."

Those who were dissing Packer said that God would never create us with something that was wrong. Where did you get THAT idea? Each and every person born has a host of characteristics, fundamental characteristics that need to be denied, repudiated and replaced. The whole process of becoming a Christian is becoming a new creation precisely because the way we are born is not acceptable to our Creator.

Jesus asked a group of people who thought they were pretty good people, “Which of you is without sin?” And beginning with the oldest, the most mature, the most experienced, the most self-aware they, one by one, slipped away.

If what Jesus taught is in fact reality, why would you want to tell anyone, including homosexuals that who they are is ok; that who they are is fundamentally alright? “If we say we are not sinful, we make God out to be a liar.”

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