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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Atheist / Pot Connection

Legalisation of Pot is the solution to the problem of drug related crime. A high percentage of drug users believe this to be true. Of course, if that was the solution then we would legalise all currently illegal drugs, let people have at it and hope for the best.

For some reason, those in favour of legalising Pot often cite the problems associated with alcohol as though that somehow negates the problems associated with marijuana. Larry King is the master of such obfuscation. King is infamous for asking questions like, “Well surely a loving gay relationship is better than a violent heterosexual relationship!” As above, the question is asked as though it resolves something.

Listen, regardless of any potential solution that decriminalising Pot may bring about:
. It does nothing to reduce the problem of impaired drivers. And if you say that you’re not impaired while driving under the influence of Pot you’re either lying or you’re smoking the worst weed ever grown.

. It does nothing with the increased heath costs of taking into your lungs something that contains ALL of the carcinogens of tobacco PLUS others that are unique to burning marijuana. The tar content alone of one joint equals something like 12 cigarettes. How does it make any sense to tell our children about the dangers of tobacco “but here, have a joint.”?

My generation was dumb enough to believe that drug induced feelings of love were the real thing. We are told in Scripture that one sign of the end is, "The love of many will grow cold." This generation seems to accept that drug induced feelings of love for others is the best that we can do.

So the question needs to be asked, What has changed in society that our young people can no longer handle reality? While the struggles they share are nothing new to human beings, the depth and the breadth of their misery is unheard of. Psychological Dependency on: work (busyness), relationships, mood altering chemicals, appearance, technology, possessions, sex, food, aesthetics, money, and power in order to feel safe, secure and valuable is ubiquitous in our youth. They have:
. Beliefs that fail to translate into action,
. Sex without intimacy,
. Ecstasy from a pill,
. Utilitarian marriages,
. Mechanical manners, and a
. Frail Spirituality that was grown in a base of wealth and ease of living.

It used to be that only a small percentage of the population in North America needed to use drugs / alcohol to cope with social situations. Our society is becoming more like atheist Soviet Russian society - notorious for it’s addiction issues?

The atheist movement which is intent on shattering Christian values, mocking Christian morals and hurling derision at Christian beliefs has brought a deep deep anomie in the next generation. This chronic dysthymia is driving never before seen rates of divorce, physical abuse, child pornography, addictions, sexual compulsions, and unwanted and neglected children. In fact, we are witnessing the first generation of unwanted children in turn neglecting their own offspring in the pursuit of earthly gods. My guess is that as atheist influence gains acceptance, within a few years, as is now the case in Europe, suicide rates will outpace murder rates by a huge margin.

Sadly, more and more people can no longer cope with life without the ingestion of mood altering chemicals. To these people, it makes sense to legalise the use of mood altering.

Living lives of quiet desperation is seen by modern atheists as the goal of atheism. They see it as a courageous and noble attitude toward life. Like the Marlboro Cowboy who is proud to be smoking himself to death, standing and shaking one’s fist at the universe seems to be the end that justifies the atheist’s means of robbing children of hope. Bitter old men who revel in the repulsive doctrine of Social Darwinism want to teach your children and mine that there is nothing to live for except to fulfill the desires of our selfish genes. A life where the end game is the hopelessness of the grave is broadcast enthusiastically.

Whatever it is that used to make us stable and confident and able to function unaided is obviously being drained away to make room for the atheist utopia. This stabilizing influence used to be present in the majority of people and now it is not.

In the atheist dream, the next generation of children will be fed a philosophy of life that entails no ultimate purpose, no ultimate justice, no free will other than the illusion of such. Our children will be driven towards lives of quiet desperation while the self-obsessed atheist leaders use their corrupted self-love for their own financial gain.

Legalise Pot now? We may as well. The greater the influence that atheism has on our society, the more that we reject God's authority over us, the more attractive that mood altering chemicals will become.



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  2. Living lives of quiet desperation is seen by modern [capitalist] as the goal of [capitalism].