Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven
where moth and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It’s Your Move

Through the evidence of the universe we know that Creator God exists.
Through the evidence of Jesus the Christ we know what Creator God is like.

The question becomes - what are we going to do about the existence of a Creator who has made deliberate and purposeful contact with His creation?

Thirteen times in the Gospels Jesus warns people about hell.
One time He tells people about heaven.
The proportion, I believe, tells us something about His mission.
Jesus came to rescue us from the former and bring us safely home to the latter.

Will you let Him?

If you haven’t said “Yes,” to Jesus’ offer of salvation you’re standing in a position of “No” (John 3:18,36). This is serious stuff! If what Jesus taught about eternity is true, then making the decision to accept Him or reject Him as our Saviour has got to be the single most important decision that you and I will ever make. And it’s urgent. Strokes, fires, heart attacks, falling, car accidents, dementia, violent storms; Statistics show that for most of us, our ability to make a decision for Jesus will end suddenly, with little or no warning.

What are you going to do about that?


  1. Since heaven doesn't have evil (or so I've heard), its inhabitants must not have opinions, free will, or the ability to make choices. That doesn't sound like any way I'd want to spend an eternity, so I think I'll pass. At least in hell, there is a goal you can strive for: Get the hell out of here!

  2. "Get the hell out of here!"

    That's funny ;)

    So if everyone in a room agrees on some topic, all of a sudden free will doesn't exist? For free will to exist there must be at least one dissenting voice? I don't think so.

    All those in heaven have agreed that Jesus is Lord; that God is worthy of worship etc. etc. etc. All those in heaven have used their free will to decide that God is right about "my" sin and acted accordingly.

    You need to know, BG that while you can laugh your way into hell,there is no laughing your way out.

  3. Since free will is one of the more common arguments given for the existence of evil (and one that I agree with), how is evil eliminated in heaven without eliminating the free will of its inhabitants? If people in heaven don't have any choice in what they do and simply worship God 24/7 for an eternity, count me out. If I'm still me when I get to heaven, I would get bored with that after a few millennia, probably sooner. If I'm transformed on my way to heaven such that I would not get bored worshipping God nonstop for eternity, then I might as well get a lobotomy now.

    If people in heaven can choose among two or more activities, eventually someone will have an opinion about someone else's choice (assuming opinions are still permitted), and next thing you know, there will be some non-good thoughts or actions. I can see the evil being less extreme in heaven than it is on earth (probably no baby-torturing), but given an eternity, something "bad" is bound to happen (in somebody's opinion) and somebody will get kicked out as a result.

  4. Grrr, I don't know why the blogger isn't bringing up new comments.

    First of all, eternity, at least in this context, means without time. There won't be any awareness of time passing, we'll just be. Nor will there be the possibility of sin or rebellion against God. All those who might possibly sin have been eliminated, removed, turned away.

    Heaven will not be anything like present day earth, no sorrow, no tears, no fighting, no boredom, no evil of any kind.

    You should make sure you get there. Jesus has made that option possible. I'd like to meet you.

  5. That's where religion breaks down.

    You have no clue what Heaven could look like, just like any other believer or non-believer.

    Some people love the idea of meeting their loved ones "up there", while you claim the complete opposite with this post. You essentially say that we won't be 'us' anymore.

    If that were the case, who says that Hell would not be the same?

    How could we feel anything if we are not 'us' anymore?

    You say in Heaven we'll "just be", well in Hell might as well say that we are just "not there anymore", which is more likely to be the case...

    So in a way I agree with you. As non-believers, we are going to hell, since we will cease to exist when we die, we won't "be" anymore...

    just like you.

  6. You essentially say that we won't be 'us' anymore.

    We won't be our "sinful selves" anymore.

  7. "We won't be our "sinful selves" anymore."

    Then we are NOT 'us' anymore since we are all different and we can't all become the same.