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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Mist of Atheism

Have you noticed that everything of a material nature that exists can, in theory at least, be understood, figured out, explained? That might seem like a “Well duh!” kind of statement but really, when you think about it, that’s pretty amazing. Not that WE can do it, but that our universe can be understood, figured out, explained!

Science, at its heart, is a search for cause. The human intellect in combination with the scientific method of inquiry is a potent mix. And here we are in a universe, a mathematical universe no less, where explanations can be found. More than that, we live in a universe so precise that explanations seem meant to be found. It’s like our Creator has said, “You want evidence for my existence? Here, work on this (the universe).”

Now, atheists say that this abiity to explain how things work has “Pushed the need for God’s existence out of the picture.” In reality, our increasing understanding of life has highlighted not just the reality of His existence, but the absolute necessity of a Creator God for this type of universe to exist. Every natural phenomenon is ruled by laws of physics. These immutable laws did not evolve or settle into their present forms. If that was the case they wouldn’t be laws that could be depended on to form our understanding of the universe, for they might change / evolve even more without notice. Instead the laws of physics were put into place, every single one of them (including the exact number of neutrinos in the universe) by Planck Time (10^-43 seconds of the Singularity). The explanation for any natural phenomenon merely leads us to ask, “Why? Why was the universe created in EXACTLY this manner and not another?”

How? and How? and How? - Science explains how things work over and over and over again until we come to the origin and makeup of the universe and then the question of “How?” must be combined with the question, “Why?”

Why would any universe exist?

Why is it that at one point, nothing material existed and then, literally in less than the blink of an eye, everything material existed?

Why would matter and energy be organised in a mathematically precise manner?

Why would our universe be endowed with constants and quantities whose only relation to each other is that each and every one is needed to be exactly as is in order for intelligent life to exist?


Science is really good with “How?” questions but it sucks big time with “Why?” questions; especially “Why does THIS universe exist?” In fact the metaphysical implications of “Why did THIS universe begin to exist?” is such a huge problem for atheist driven science that many atheists are forced to state the absurdity, “Some things don’t need a reason (cause) to come into being.”

“Oh look, a brand new universe just appeared in my living room!” (Snerk!)

Theoretically, the “How?” of everything in the universe can be explained by science but not the “Why?” God, through His revealed Word has given us both the how and the why.

Atheism can exist right up until the question of Why is raised and then atheism disappears like a morning mist, to be maintained only in the minds of faithful adherents of Scientism.

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  1. It comes down to science VS magic.
    Science wins.