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Friday, October 8, 2010

I Had A Dream

A friend of mine described a dream she had the other night. In the dream she was standing on a rolling sidewalk (like you find in airports). She was focussed on her goal, Jesus, who was standing at the end of the long hallway. As she moved along, people on this crowed sidewalk kept falling off. Some to the left. Some to the right. Instead of keeping their eyes on Jesus they would get distracted by something, loose their balance and off they’d go.

My friend likened the content of the dream to the Christian walk. So many of our friends get distracted by life, by illness and loss, by new ideas (just google Christianity and you’ll find a plethora of “almost Christian” ideas), by the discovery that they’d had wrong beliefs about God and how He works in our lives, by an unfaithful spouse. They get distracted by things like this and they fall.

Of course Jesus predicted as much in His parable of the sower and the seed but it’s still tragic to see those who seemed so strong, so focussed, so dedicated lose their footing and disappear from the journey.

My friend has been through a lot. Tremendous loss. Deep regrets. Savage hurts. Yet she has come out of it all stronger than ever, more determined than ever, more dedicated than ever - moving ever closer to her goal.

“I’ve fought the good fight. I’ve finished the race. I’ve kept the faith.”

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