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Thursday, August 11, 2011

God’s Promises

While salvation or reconciliation with God has always been by grace through faith, the Bible teaches that the ultimate purpose of history is not the salvation of man. Rather the ultimate purpose of history is the glorification of God through the revelation and completion of His plan for the universe.

God has two distinct programs for history:
The first is for Israel.
The Second is for the Church, His believers.

God’s promise regarding Abraham:

. I will bless you
. I will make your name great
. I will give you descendants too many too count
. I will give your descendants the land of Canaan for everlasting possession
. I will bless those who bless your descendants and curse those who curse your descendants

God’s promise re Israel:
. I will bring Israel into existence as a nation
. I will give Israel great influence over other nations
. I will disperse you into other countries around the world because of disobedience
. I will bring you back from other countries around the world to reform your nation
. I will make tiny Israel like a stone around the neck of the other nations of the world.
. I will give Israel the land of Canaan forever

God’s universal promise:
. I will bless all the families of the earth through Abraham’s line of descent - the Messiah who has existed from eternity past, since before the universe began.

God began the nation of Israel more than 4,000 years ago through the call of Abraham. The nation of Israel was to fulfil three distinct roles:
. To be a nation of people who would worship Creator God. This would be a nation of people through whom God would reveal His divine plan to the world.
. To be a nation of people who would receive, record and spread God’s Word to the world.
. To be a nation of people through whom God would reconcile the whole world to Himself through the person of God the Son, who would be born into the Jewish race.

As prohesied, God brought the Israelites to Egypt to form them into a nation several million strong. In the wilderness God gave them the Law. Exiled for unbelief they were brought back to Palestine, as prophesied, for the arrival of Jesus. Shortly after the beginning of the Church Age (recorded in Acts), the Jews, as prophesied were scattered around the world and the nation of Israel dropped from view. However, the nation of Israel did not cease to exist from God’s plan. Again, as prophesied, almost 2,000 years later the nation of Israel was once again brought back into existence and Jews, as prophesied, came streaming home from around the world. At the Rapture the Church age will end. This event will usher in a time of distress upon the earth the likes of which has never been seen before. This time of tribulation will bring Israel to repentance for rejecting its Messiah. It will also be a time for judging Gentile Nations for their rebellion against God and for how they treated “the apple of God’s eye,” the Jewish people.

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