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Monday, March 4, 2013

Atheist Brights Have It Backwards

Atheists giggle themselves silly when saying that believing in Jesus and the Christian paradigm is intellectually equivalent to believing in Santa Clause or the Tooth Fairy. Ironically, the man who loves this side-splitting jest, Richard Dawkins, himself refuses to categorically deny that real fairies might live in his garden. This master of mythopoeia (“eyeballs evolve at the drop of a hat”) and the prime mover of the multi verse (“I'm sceptical of strongly held beliefs in the absence of evidence” - priceless) truly believes that believing in Jesus the Christ is for children and not for rational adults (rationality being premised upon the laws of logic, the origin for which atheism has no explanation). 
Dawkins and his ilk have it completely backward. Much like his book (The God Delusion), Dawkins draws non sequitur conclusions from mind jangling premises.
You see, it's children who believe in Santa Claus and fairies and the Easter Bunny. And they believe at a depth that is appropriate to the topic. On the other hand it's children who abandon these beliefs when they reach the age of reason. A relationship with Jesus however, takes root and deepens into something real, meaningful and life-changing upon reaching the age of reason.
Oh sure little kids might say they believe in God, but they don't understand what they are saying. They only repeat what their parents have told them. It's when they reach the age of 25 or thereabouts, an age when humans begin to grasp the complexities of science, philosophy and religion that people who have met Jesus toss aside myths and fully embrace Jesus' offer of forgiveness. It is then that humans begin to comprehend the significance of a Creator as it relates to the existence of a material universe.
Interestingly this is also the age when atheists begin to cling most deeply to Atheist Origin of the Universe Mythologies. It's when atheists confirm in their own minds that inanimate and inorganic gases evolved into life. It's when atheists tell whomever will listen that matter has always existed, that an infinite regress of cause makes sense and that the laws of logic, mathematics and physics just appeared from nothing by nothing.
Dawkins, the one who has encouraged his followers to live by the slogan, “I”m a Bright and you're not,” see a belief in Santa and Jesus, to be equally foolish to consider. For those who are genetically predisposed to adopting the world-view of atheism, Dawkins' tactic seems to work.

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