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Friday, March 22, 2013

atheist PZ Meyers and the Nut-boys

Boy, I really do hate these guys. You’ve got a discussion going, talking about why you’re an atheist, or what atheism should mean to the community, or some such topic that is dealing with our ideas and society, and some smug $@!#* comes along and announces that ‘Atheism means you lack a belief in gods. Nothing more. Quit trying to add meaning to the term.’ As if atheism can only be some platonic ideal floating in virtual space with no connections to anything else; as if atheists are people who have attained a Zen-like ideal, their minds a void, containing nothing but atheism, which itself is nothing. Dumbasses.”
PZ Myers

I couldn't agree more. The most precious part of atheists is this. They start with, “I don’t believe anything unless it’s proven by the scientific method of knowing.” But when science based knowledge strikes at the very heart of their world-view? “Well, it’s just science. Science is quite capable of being wrong.” That's why they spend years coming up with an acceptable definition of the term, “atheist.” With just the right wording an atheist can say, “You see, if I'm simply a “non believer in God” as opposed to “believing God doesn't exist,” then I don't need evidence to uphold my “non belief.”” These word games are consistently played in atheist-world to maintain equilibrium in an unbalanced belief system. 
And while these same atheists say you can't prove a negative (Creator God doesn't exist) they certainly believe this negative that can't be proven.

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