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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What Is This Thing Called Evil?

However you might define evil (I define it as anything that opposes God’s will) its persistent presence in humanity is forever pulling us toward self-destruction and destruction of the world itself.
We are the cause of evil (abusing our free-will), and Jesus is the cure.
Just as Israel is to play a role in the restoration of the cosmos, so too Jesus.
Just as Israel’s role in the restoration of the cosmos has led to its destruction, so too did Jesus' role lead to His physical destruction.
Just as Israel, as God’s chosen people was crushed, so too was Jesus.
The problem of evil results in the destruction of the world itself. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that we as human beings can do to restore this earth to health.
We are too greedy.
We are too self-centred.
We are too short-sighted.
In fact, we ourselves are so broken that we can’t even recognise that we no longer work as intended. Some, as with atheists, celebrate and revel in our brokenness.
Our cosmos, our earth our selves are irreparably damaged. We broke Creation by opposing our Creator.
We broke God’s Creation and only Creator God can restore it. 

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