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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Go To The Source

Early in our marriage we took a trip to the Columbia Icefields. It’s in the Canadian Rockies. The good ones :-)

Big Country
Really big country.

A raging torrent poured out of a gorge. My wife and I followed the gorge up and up and up. It was stupid really, but we were young and didn’t know any better. An old avalanche forced us to climb over and around boulders bigger than most houses. The raging torrent turned into a rushing streaming and then finally we made it to the source. We reached a wall of ice that went 200 metres straight up. The source of that ragging torrent tipped over the leading edge of a glacier. It stretched a couple kilometres to either side and several dozen streams eventually joined each other 10 kms down stream.

Imagine three people standing at the gorge and the water shakes the ground beneath their feet.
One says, “I’m going up the mountain to find the source. Anybody want to come with me?”
Another says, “I don’t need to know about the source. I’m just content to enjoy what’s right before me.”
The atheist says, “Source! There isn’t any source. This is all there ever was or ever will be.” 

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