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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says both that inorganic and inanimate gases can evolve, AND that they cannot evolve.

These people say they can evolve because there is no other way to explain the origin of life AND they say they can’t evolve because they know that is the truth.

This population relentlessly and tenaciously holds to this implausible position.


  1. Oh the mysterious 1.6% again... but who are these idiot people who make weird claims about inorganic matter evolving !?

    Most people with basic knowledge of modern biology know that evolution is an intrinsic property of life... hence nothing to do with inorganic material whatsoever.

  2. Richard Dawkins would be the most famous to make this claim, but anyone who believes that life arose from non life without any design implications, meaning all atheists would be these "idiots" that you speak of. Atheists, those who make up 1.6% of the North American population.

  3. And the idiots who believe gods came from nothing are called theists.

  4. Nothing made YWHW!
    Nothing made YWHW!

    Of course that's not true. YHWH springs from the imagination of men.

  5. In the English language, 'evolve' also means change.

  6. 1) It's 1.6% of the USA, get you facts straight at least.

    American Religion Survey-ARIS March 2009

    2) Sorry to tell you that our country is a bit different.

    One in four don't believe in God, poll finds

    Atheism is more prevalent in Canada (2001 census):
    Atheists, Agnostics , Humanists, no religion

    3) Nice to see you going back to fighting strawmen