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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

Picture this! A reddish pulsating light emanates from around the edges of a drawer in a night table. With each pulse there is a sound, ooOOOom - ooOOOom - ooOOOom.

What’s going on you ask? That’s the sound that 1.6% of the population hears coming from the drawer in hotel rooms where the Gideon Bibles are kept. Along with the sound, the pulsating light goes on and off, on and off driving these people crazy just knowing that a Bible rests not even 30cms away from where they sleep.

I read on one atheist’s blog (this particular post was written by the guy’s wife actually) where she says that her husband couldn’t rest until he had removed the Bible from the drawer, took it down to the front desk and told the staff how offended - offended I tell you! - he was to know that there was a Bible in EVERY room in the hotel.

The people who adhere to this belief system will try to tell you that they don’t think about God, never blog about God, don’t worry about God and certainly don’t believe that He exists. Nevertheless, the obsession with His non existence continues. This 1.6% of the population maintains their implausible position because the evidence for God’s existence is undeniable.


  1. Once again, it's silly to suggest that someone is obsessing about that which that person does not believe in. What's happening is the atheist is obsessing with a culture of bigotry from those who believe in god, against those who do not. The atheist on the blog you read, does not represent all of us. I personally think the guy was stupid to make a ruckus about the bible in the drawer.
    But again, many atheists do obsess over things, simply because its more scary for some people to come out as atheists than it is gay in some places in the country. It has gotten alot better though...
    If you understood this, you would not write such ignorant text.

  2. When I go to hotels, I always pick up the Bible in the drawer, read a few passages at random, try to remember the context of the lines, have a good laugh thinking that some people take that a little bit too literally, and then go to sleep peacefully, happy not to be in a situation described by atheistsnackbar...

  3. It's like being the only communist in town and every hotel has a copy of Mein Kampt in its drawers.

  4. I wish every hotel room had a copy of the Qur'an in the nightstand.