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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Magic Moment

Well, I see the atheist kids and feeno have been busy in my absence. Thanks for stopping by.

We drove down to spend some time with our son and his wife. They need kids to absorb some of their money. Their place is packed - and I mean PACKED with "stuff." They sent one of their five flat screen tv's home with us. How can two people make do with only four tv's?

The weather WAS nice GT. Your comment "I hope the weather is nice . . ." must have actually been a prayer :-) Thanks!

On Friday night, as I was putting my five-year-old to bed she said,
"Dad, you know what's just like a magic moment?"

"What's that sweet-pea?"

"When it's dark I close my eyes and when I open them again, it's day time!"

Enjoy it darling. It'll end. Let me give you an example.

Friday night we checked into the hotel. The kids went swimming and water sliding till the pool closed.

At 4:00am Riley woke me up to tell me that he couldn't sleep. Grrrr.

At 4:30am Walker came to tell me in detail the bad dream he just had.

At 5:00am Riley puked - partly in the toilet, partly on the tub, mostly on the bathroom floor.

Hotel resources for cleaning up puke are severely limited. My knees have arthritis. It was a grueling task. My wife slept soundly through the whole thing.

At 5:30am Chelsey came to tell me that she couldn't remember where she left her glasses. I'm thinking 'So what are you doing? Looking for antelope on the horizon?' I'm numb from a lack of sleep. "Go to bed Chelsey. We'll find them in the morning."

At 6:00am Riley came to tell me that it's morning and, "Can we go swimming?"

Did I say my wife slept through every bit of this?

I staggered through Saturday in the park, IMAX, Science Centre, another park and more swimming. Last night I experienced a magic moment. It was dark when I closed my eyes and when I opened them again? It was day time.

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