Store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven
where moth and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Imagine the Outrage!

What must it be like to be satan, a Being filled with rage and the all consuming desire to steal, kill and destroy, to realise that even as he kills the human shell that held God the Son, he was all along serving God’s plan of redemption.

That is what it’s like to be the biggest loser in the universe.

Shooting into your own basket.

Firing a shot into your own goal.

Passing to the opposing player.

Lining up at the wrong starting blocks.

Running into the wrong end-zone.

Over and over and over again, satan’s screw-ups are legendary. Every time he tried to outwit his Creator, foil his Creator’s plans, disrupt what his Creator was trying to accomplish, satan wound up helping Creator God carry out His plan to defeat evil. Examples?

he tried to use Sara’s inability to bear a child to cause dissension in the family. Instead she was a model of God’s mercy.

he tried to disqualify Moses from leadership by stirring up Moses’ anger. Instead, Moses went into 40 years of training.

he led Daniel into slavery and wound up watching him attain the power of royalty.

he oppressed the Israelites in Egypt only to watch God use them to punish Egypt.

he tried to impress upon God, Job’s misplaced faith and instead helped to create perhaps the greatest theological work ever written on suffering and God’s sovereignty.

he imprisoned Paul only to help Him spread Christianity throughout the known world.

he used fear to embarrass Peter out of discipleship and instead Peter became the head of the Church.

he used soldiers to crucify God and instead provided the means of salvation for billions.

Pass, satan, pass! Ooops sorry. Wrong team. Pfft!

This is the guy who wanted to rule heaven and instead is condemned to an eternity in hell.

The king of fools followed only by fools.

Like atheists, denying God while the whole time serving His purposes; mocking the Bible while all the time fulfilling It's prophecies.

satan - he began as a servant of God, he will always be a servant of God.

satan on his knees begging God’s permission to do anything at all.

satan, totally and completely powerless except in what God allows him to do.

The only things dumber than satan are those who follow him.


  1. Hello!

    Thank you for having posted a comment on my Blog.

    Your comment has prompted that I place another post expounding on the subject of the fall of Billy Graham! I hope you read it!

    Thank you, and may God bless you!

  2. a Being filled with rage and the all consuming desire to steal, kill and destroy

    I thought God was like that? He did appear to be filled with rage on many occasions, and did kill and destroy MANY MANY people/things...

    - So how can you tell apart God from Satan?

    - Did God create Satan?

    Oh and explain me this:
    ...he tried to impress upon God...
    ...he used soldiers to crucify God...

    and yet
    ...denying God while the whole time serving His purposes

    So does Satan deny God or not?

  3. Haha, just read your funny comment on Helga's blog (nice color by the way Helga, you can be sure to scare away atheists with that, they cannot stand pink for more than a few minutes)

    So, you said that
    I've been a Christian for 30 years now. Some of the ways I responded to situations at year 15, or 20, or 25 are not how I would respond now that I'm more mature in my faith.

    I thought you said you were an Atheist before you were 30 yo? You do make it sound as if your faith grew from 15-20-25, up to now, lol.

    I hope you are at least 60 right now, (which I think you are right?) because otherwise it's just even more hilarious...

  4. Isn't Satan a proper noun therefore it starts with a capital letter?

  5. you sound like a baby.
    Wah wah! Everyone who doesn't believe my favourite fairy tale is a fool! Wah wah!