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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says that value, meaning and purpose come from a valueless, meaningless and purposeless universe. Intelligence, they say, comes from non intelligence. Consciousness comes from unconsciousness. Life comes from non life. Existence comes from non existence. Morality comes from amorality.

These people must maintain this implausible position or their belief system will collapse.


  1. Oh noes!
    If I don't believe in magic, you think my life is meaningless.

  2. I love this series!! It really shows, with only a few examples at a time, exactly how you perceive this group of people that you pretend to know so well.!

    Plus you put a little twist of humour in it by not putting a label, and not mentioning directly who you are talking about. Good job!

    However, it is even funnier because of the fact that we all know who you are referring too, but at the same time, we know that you are referring to them because of the incorrect portrait that you make.

    Isn't amazing to be able to actually know what the other person is talking about because of the misconceptions?

    The people you are arguing with are imaginary. Just like your god! What a coincidence!

    One more thing that is hilarious: you keep using the "1.6% of the North American population" when I told you already that it was the sum of agnostic and atheists from the USA only.
    See my comment on your own blog:

  3. "you think my life is meaningless."

    And you think that you can just invent meaning, purpose and value, arbitrarily like you're some little god. The atheist universe is absurd, illogical and incoherent.

    If you find this funny Hugo, you should know that the people in your cult are the only one's laughing.

  4. Did you do that on purpose? Quote Anonymous and then put my name in the last paragraph?

    "The atheist universe is absurd, illogical and incoherent."

    What part of it exactly? Please, teach me, I cannot wait to know what I believe in...

    Yep, it is funny!

    So I am also in a cult? again, please tell me where who my cult leader is? where do we meet? what do we talk about? what common beliefs do we share?

  5. And you think that you can just invent meaning, purpose and value, arbitrarily like you're some little god.

    Value, meaning and purpose exist only in the mind. It is the mind that does the valuing.
    Having a purpose does not make you a "little god".
    I happen to think that the magic you believe in makes the universe absurd, illogical and incoherent.

  6. Boy, you guys really haven't put much thought into this, have you?

    If atheism is correct, then whatever little project keeps you busy today, will end tomorrow. In less than a blink of cosmic time, the person that you call yourself is going to disappear totally, completely, eternally.

    Your life is no more significant than that of a bug. Both of you are an accidental by-product of nature. There is no "reason" for your exitence. All you face, all the universe faces is a cold and permanent death. In the end, all your efforts will not make one bit of difference. What's more, all the evil acts of humans will go unpunished and all the sacrifices of good men and women will go unrewarded.

    Any meaning or purpose or value that atheists pretend to have has been stolen from the Christian world-view. This is a world-view whereby we were brought into existence with purpose in Mind by a Creator that values us and has given meaning and context and purpose to our lives.

    This world view is not based on magic. It is backed up with solid science; science that points consistently to a universe with a beginning. It is an obvious fact to anyone without an a prioi bias toward the material that ONLY a trascendent and pre existing immaterial supernatural cause can explain the coming into being of a material universe.

    You think you can just arbitrarily give your life meaning and value? Google "Dr. L. D. Rue" or "The Noble Lie" to see the only option open for those atheists who desire to live a life without despair.

    "Loyal D. Rue, "The Saving Grace of Noble Lies," address to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, February 1991."

    Atheism, absurd, illogical, incoherent.

  7. Argument from wishful thinking.
    You're afraid to die so you believe in magic.

  8. Does this have some meaning to you:

    1-2-3-4-5 ?

    What about this:

    3-2-4-1-5 ?

    Why is the first series of number more meaningful?

    Because God did it!

    Or... yes we can just arbitrarily give life meaning and value. I assume I exist, I give that some meaning, I call it existence, and because I exist I learn about what's around. The only claims about things that are not material are made based on stories, imaginary worlds, etc... therefore I reject them for now. Anything to propose?

  9. Thanks for the positive advice, I'll take it :)

    However I was wondering if you had anything to propose as an example of immaterial things that you can prove the existence of? (because you had written )I don't deny them, I am just wondering how are we suppose to know they exist if they are undetectable in the material world we live in...

    You can put a label on the cause of all that is material, but it still remains an unknown cause. You call it God, fine, but what is it?

    Why is that cause giving meaning to your life?

    The meaning you attribute to your life comes from your idea that there is more than this life. Yet this is circular reasoning. You're life has meaning because there is a Creator, but the "proof" you give for that Creator is that without the Creator there would be no meaning.

    Yet we know that we give meaning to all sort of things, like the numbers I showed above. Why does 1-2-3-4-5 has more meaning? you did not answer, because that's a key point that you want to avoid as a believer.

    The numbers are nothing but a convention that we, humans, declared to be so... just like everything that we observe. Our life has meaning because we attribute meaning to it, whether it is by claiming that there is something coming after, or not. Both are valid ways to give meaning to one's life.

    Isn't kind of sad that, again, it does not go both ways...