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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The 1.6% Solution

1.6% of the North American population says that God is sending them to an eternity of torture in hell. They say that God is cruel for causing a world that is filled with suffering and grief. They say that because of this, God is a monster and cruel beyond belief. This is the same God that these people spend a good portion of their lives blogging about even though they also say they don’t believe in Him. This is the kind of convoluted thinking that is mind numbing for those who must live with this population.


  1. You see, there's this thing called rhetoric; that's the art of making a case or an argument and communicating.
    Part of rhetoric is examining another's argument by adopting it and seeing if it contains contradictory elements.

  2. The 1.6% Problem

    Atheists don't blog about god, they blog about believers. And believers are real, physical, entities that make a difference in the real world. Even someone dull of mind can figure that one out mak, come on.

    Of course, as far as spending all day writing about an ideology from which you don't subscribe, I think we all know that your one to talk there, mak.

    And one more thing. Am I the only one who finds it rather peculiar that someone so "Confident" in their beliefs is this bothered by 1.6%? I mean, how effected could you possibly be by 1.6%? It's such a minority...

    A psychologist might find that interesting.

  3. Actually it’s psychologists who are interested in the aberrant “two percenters” that are present in any given population.

  4. I'd say less than 2% of the poulation maintains a blog on hating atheists, so I'm sure you qualify.

  5. I don't hate you snacky, I just think that what you believe is profoundly stupid, and I derive some sort of pleasure from writing about that. Surely you're not going to judge me for something that, while i might seem wrong for you, is obviously right for me.

  6. - I just think that what you believe is profoundly stupid, and I derive some sort of pleasure from writing about that -

    haha as if you had any idea about what others believe!!

  7. Well mak, We certainly agree to disagree. I think what builds frustration, is the enormous barrier separating our ideologies. I suppose I get disappointed because I half way expect some line of reasoning to strike a chord with you, but it never does.
    And the possibility gives me some sort of pleasure.

    That which fuels you, sabotages my engine and vice a versa, this is a frustrating thing.
    It's frustrating to not achieve a center ground from which we make make logical progress, by means of text.

    So... I'll continue to argue with you and maybe someday we'll make progress of some sort.

    doubtful, but hey, you never know.